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Corinne Fédevieille | Osteopath | BSc (Hons) Ost., LCM Dipl.

French Osteopath London

Describing your symptoms and your aches and pains when you consult an osteopath can prove difficult if english is not your mother tongue. This language barrier can become problematic and prevent you from describing exactly how you feel.

Being able to use the French language during an osteopathic consultation is often very helpful for both French nationals living in the UK or for those on a short visit.

Corinne Fédevieille is a French osteopath based in London. So, if you prefer to express yourself in French during an osteopathic consultation and treatment Corinne will be able to help.

Osteopathy by a French Osteopath

If you would like to arrange an appointment with Corinne Fédevieille, who is a French speaking osteopath, please either phone on the number below or complete the Enquiry Form noting 'French Osteopath London' in the 'Enquiry Details' section.

We also have a French version of this website if you need details in French of Osteopathic Treatments or Osteopathic Techniques. Just click on the French flag in the right hand column to view the French version.









Charlotte Street Osteopathic Practice is ideal for any French speaking clients requiring osteopathic consultations -
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