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Further Osteopathic Training - Full Details

2012 Neuro-vascular Manipulation of Head, Neck and Cranium - Jean-Pierre Barral-CPDO
2011 A Biodynamics View of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field; Phase I - Dr James Jealous, Ashlands, USA
2011 The New Osteo-Articular Approach: the Spine and the Pelvis - Jean-Pierre Barral - CPDO
2010 The Osteo-Articular Approach - Part 1 - Jean-Pierre Barral - CPDO
2009 Peripheral Nerves Manipulation - Jean-Pierre Barral - CPDO
2008 Vascular Visceral Manipulation - Jean-Pierre Barral - CPDO
2006 Seeking Health Through the Myofascial System - Prof. Michael Kuchera - The Institute of Osteopathic Studies;

Verbal First Aid: Using Your Patients’ Minds to help Set the Course for Their Bodies’ Recovery - Dr Judith Prager – European School of Osteopathy;
2006 Yoga & Osteopathy - Rachel Ives and Dr Amanda Samson - CPD International;
2005 How to treat Chronic Trapezius Myalgia – Prof. Eyal Lederman - CPDO;

Physiotherapy for Small Animals, Laurie Edge-Hughes - RVC, 3rd Annual Veterinary Physiotherapy Conference;

The Living Osteopathic Concept - Dr Viola Frymann and Philippe Druelle - European School of Osteopathy;
2004 Manual Thermal Diagnosis & Emotional Release - Jean-Pierre Barral - CPDO;

Osteopathic Technique Master Class – Prof. Laurie Hartman – CPDO;

HVT and other technique problem solving – Prof. Laurie Hartman - CPDO;
2003 The Thorax and the Three Diaphragms - Franz Buset – CPDO;
2002 Neuromuscular Rehabilitation – Prof. Eyal Lederman – CPDO;

Visceral Osteopathy: The Abdomen, Laurence Beckwith, CPDO;
2001 Harmonic Technique - Part I – Prof. Eyal Lederman - Centre for Development of Osteopathy (CPDO);

Harmonic Technique - Part II – Prof. Eyal Lederman – CPDO;
1996 Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy - Stage I & Stage II - Su Fox &
Carolan Evans - London College of Massage;
Massage Sportif et Thérapeutique
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