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Various osteopathic techniques can be used depending on the patient’s condition and the aim of the treatment.

Soft Tissue Techniques - to re-align injured muscles fibres and help to break down adhesions

Manipulation/ Mobilisation - to increase the range of movement in a joint

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Articulation - to improve mobility in a joint

Muscle Energy Techniques - to release and stretch
muscles thus re-establishing balance between the
various groups of muscles

Functional Techniques - to restore normal range of movement by moving a joint or tissue to where it feels most comfortable thus creating neurological changes that ultimately allow restrictions to ease away

Strain & Counterstrain Techniques - to allow the muscles to reset to a normal tension as the body is placed in a position of comfort

Somato-Emotional Release Techniques - to release the energy stored in the body following physical or mental trauma

Cranial Techniques - are particularly useful for the treatment of children, older people and anyone who responds better to gentle treatment. Cranial Osteopathy is especially useful in the treatment of chronic neck and back pain, headaches and stress and tension related problems.

Visceral Techniques - to encourage the normal mobility, tone and motion of the organs and their connective tissues, potentially improving their function

Although manipulation techniques are widely used by osteopaths and are a fast and efficient method of treatment in some cases, they are by no means compulsory. Sometimes they may not be deemed appropriate or the patient will not be comfortable with them being used. In any case, the osteopath will explain what she is intending to do and confirm if you are happy to proceed. If not please say so as there are a number of other techniques that can be used.

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