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What To Expect During A Consultation

First visit and examination: During your first visit a comprehensive medical history will be taken so that a complete picture of your current state of health can be determined. Once it is completed you will be asked to sign a consent form giving the osteopath permission to provide physical treatment for your problem. At all sessions, you will need to undress to your underwear and the osteopath will perform an examination. This may involve the application of gentle pressure around the problem area and you will be asked to perform some movements. At any time during the examination you can ask the practitioner to stop if you do not feel comfortable. Once it is completed, you will be explained what has been found and will be advised on what treatment is required. Sometimes, it may be necessary to obtain (with your permission) medical records and x-rays from your GP.

Treatment: Treatment is not normally painful although in some circumstances it may be uncomfortable where sudden movements are used to relieve fixed joints. Once again you can ask at anytime the practitioner not to proceed. Patients should expect a reaction after a treatment. This may be in the form of some increased discomfort for a couple of days or a headache. This is normal and a sign of the healing process as the body is re-aligned. However, if the symptoms should persist after 48 hours or you are worried about any other aspect of the treatment please contact the practitioner.

Frequency: On average, three to four treatments may be necessary to treat a problem. Frequency may be once a week to start with and decrease to once a fortnight then once a month. But this is just a guideline and this may vary depending on the person and the specific problem.

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