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Corinne Fédevieille | Osteopath | BSc (Hons) Ost., LCM Dipl.


Corinne Fédevieille graduated from the College of Osteopaths in London having completed a five-year degree course. She is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy as well as of the UFOF (Federation of French Osteopaths). She also holds a Diploma in Therapeutic massage from Corinne Fédevieille, BSc (Hons) Ost., LCM Dipl.the London College of Massage and a Diploma in Canine Osteopathy from IFOREC ( Institute of Canine and Equine Osteopathy and Rehabilitation).

Corinne has a particular interest in cranial and visceral osteopathy and regularly attends workshops and professional courses to further develop her skills.

Coming from an integrated perspective, Corinne uses structural, cranial and visceral techniques and therefore offers treatment that can be adapted to patients’ individual needs. As part of her holistic approach, Corinne encourages patients to take an objective view of their lifestyle in order to achieve longer lasting results.

Further Training

2013 Advanced Thorax and Abdomen - Jean-Pierre Barral-CPDO
Fascial Manipulation-Antonio Stecco MD - Fascia & Osteopathy Conference- Osteopathie Schule, Germany
New Frontiers in Chronic Myofascial Pain - Dr Jay Shah MD - Fascia & Osteopathy Conference- Osteopathie Schule, Germany
Fascial Treatment of Plexus and Viscera - Serge Paoletti- Fascia & Osteopathy Conference - Osteopathie Schule, Germany
The do we talk to fascia? - Maurice César- Fascia & Osteopathy Conference- Osteopathie Schule, Germany
2012 Neuro-vascular Manipulation of Head, Neck and Cranium - Jean-Pierre Barral-CPDO
2011 A Biodynamics View of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field; Phase I - Dr James Jealous, Ashlands, USA
2011 The New Osteo-Articular Approach: the Spine and the Pelvis - Jean-Pierre Barral - CPDO
2010 The Osteo-Articular Approach - Part 1 - Jean-Pierre Barral - CPDO
2009 Peripheral Nerves Manipulation - Jean-Pierre Barral - CPDO
2008 Vascular Visceral Manipulation - Jean-Pierre Barral - CPDO
2006 Seeking Health Through the Myofascial System - Prof. Michael Kuchera - The Institute of Osteopathic Studies;

Verbal First Aid: Using Your Patients’ Minds to help Set the Course for Their Bodies’ Recovery - Dr Judith Prager – European School of Osteopathy;
2006 Yoga & Osteopathy - Rachel Ives and Dr Amanda Samson - CPD International;

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