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Sports & Remedial Massage is a deep form of massage aimed at alleviating muscle tension, releasing toxins and improving blood and lymph flow, thus helping recovery rate after injury, coping with chronic pain or improving performance. In some cases electrotherapy in the form of ultrasound may also be used.

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How Does It Work?

If our body suffers occupational, postural or even emotional stress as well as trauma, “healthy” muscle fibres can become injured and be replaced by scar tissue; this in turn can lead to adhesions (the ”knots” people commonly refer to), thus impairing correct functioning and efficiency of the muscles and leading ultimately to pain and discomfort. By re-aligning injured muscle fibres and helping to break down the adhesions, Sports & Remedial Massage plays an important part in the healing process.

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Who Can Benefit From Sports & Remedial Massage?

Sports & Remedial Massage will benefit anyone playing sports at any level as many sports injuries can be treated, and prevented, with massage and stretching techniques. But it is also appropriate for anyone with muscular tension and chronic aches and pains often due to prolonged inactivity and stress.

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"Thank you, as ever, for the excellent treatment on Friday, I began to feel the benefit immediately! Over the past four years you and your treatments have been an integral part of my hectic fitness regime. From stress fractures from running, through to ripped ligaments from rock climbing, my rehabilitation would have been incomplete, far more protracted and painful without your wonderful healing hands.. I rely on the weekly sports massage you administer to keep me in the best possible shape between fitness sessions .. you are prepared to be flexible in order to treat me, all this demonstrates you really care about your patients and that's incredibly important. I can say categorically that I've not come across someone who can administer sports massage as well as you do."

Justine D., Commercial Director

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